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Playground Resources

We are putting together some playground boxes containing play items for our pupils to access at lunchtime. Whilst we are lucky enough to have our play rangers shed with lots of active resources, we have a number of children who would prefer access to quieter play. The Rights Knights have come up with a list of themed boxes for our children - construction, reading, role play, small world, arts and crafts, and dance. We are therefore looking for donations of the following items which might be grown out of at home to help us make up our themed boxes. Suggestions include:

  • Lego
  • Duplo
  • Stickle bricks
  • Action figures
  • Barbie dolls
  • Train sets
  • Toy cars and car mats
  • Dressing up clothes
  • Picnic blankets

The school will also be buying some new resources for inclusion in the boxes, but any donations from home would be gratefully received to ensure that we have lots of toys for our children to play with over lunchtime.

Any donations should be handed in to the school office or sent in with your child to school. Many thanks for your continuing support.