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Inchture Parent Council Sports Day Raffle

To continue raising funds to benefit the children of Inchture Primary and Nursery, Inchture Parent Council have organised a raffle.

Prizes have kindly been donated by the local community and businesses. A huge thank you for this.

This raffle will be drawn at the School Sports Day on the 26th May.

Each family is being asked to sell 10 tickets (£1 each or £5 a book) and the eldest child of your family will bring home the tickets.

We ask that you return the tickets/cash or unsold tickets by the 23rd May. This will allow the tickets to be organised for the draw.

There are a small number of additional tickets that are available should you require more than 10. Please contact the school office on about this.

We thank you for your continuing support allowing us to support the needs of the children and staff.

Inchture Parent Council