Inchture Primary School

Inchture Primary School
Life at Inchture Primary School Life at Inchture Primary School

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We have a nursery and 9 classes at Inchture Primary School.

They are:


Mrs Lynzie Penman (Senior Early Childhood Practitioner)

Mrs Linsey Barr 

Miss Nikki Balfour

Ms Shri Stewart        

Mrs Jemma Oosenbrugh

Miss Nadia Zuliani

Mrs Kathryn Smith

Mr Neil Paterson

Mrs Sarah Baker


Mrs Alison Houghton (Early Years Family Learning Practitioner)


P1 - Mrs Buszek / Miss Nicol

P2 - Mrs Cunningham

P2/3 - Mrs Ransford

P3/4 - Mrs Laing / Miss Nicol

P4 - Miss Virtue / Miss McGee

P5 - Mrs Angus / Miss McGee

P5/6 - Mrs Goodfellow

P6/7 - Mr McGilchrist

P7 - Miss Stewart

RCCT: Miss McGee

Drama Specialist: Mrs Ogg


Our pupils are supported by:

Mrs McNee (Pupil Support Teacher)

Mrs Whitelaw

Mrs Dillon

Mrs Burns

Mrs Mann

Mrs Humpleby

Scott (Office)


Our Senior Leadership Team are:

Headteacher: Mrs Bell

Depute: Mrs Chalmers