Inchture Primary School

Inchture Primary School
Life at Inchture Primary School Life at Inchture Primary School

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We have a nursery and 9 classes at Inchture Primary School.

They are:

Nursery - Mrs Lynne Walker (Senior Early Childhood Practitioner)

Miss Balfour         

Mr Paterson

Miss Zuliani

Miss Moffatt

Miss Milton

Mrs Oosenburgh

Miss Walls

Miss Stewart

Miss Shepherd

Mrs Smith 

Mrs Craig


P1 - Miss Williamson

P1/2 - Mrs Laing

P2 - Mrs McKay

P3 - Mrs Purdie and Mrs Ransford

P3/4 - Miss Brown and Mrs Cunningham

P4 - Mrs Cunningham and Miss Yorkston

P5 - Miss Brownlee

P5/6 - Miss Stewart

P6 - Mrs Angus

P7 - Miss Falconer and Mr McDonald

RCCT: Mrs Ransford

Drama Specialist: Mrs Ogg

Art specialist: Miss McCourt



Our pupils are supported by:

 - Mrs Whitelaw

 - Mrs Hosie

 - Mrs Smith

  - Lee and Carol (Office)


Our Senior Leadership Team are

Headteacher: Mrs Savage

Acting Depute: Miss Pringle